Updates 04/02 Tuesday, Feb 5 2008 

I’ve added information on several towns.  I’ve also added information about the setting and my copyright for this material.  I’m researching what I’ll have to do to license this with the Open Gaming License and make it D20 compatible.  So far it is all my own work, and has no information that is OGL.

Updates to come as I come up with more information.  If you have any requests, feel free to leave comments.



What is this? Monday, Feb 4 2008 

Crofton Forks is D&D setting that just came to me one day.  We’ve been planning on playing D&D again for the first time in years, with a very large group where I for once will not have to be the DM.

However, we’re all a little rusty, so we decided to do some basic simple D&D adventures on our own before getting together with the group.  I came up with this setting to put those adventures in, but as all too often happens, it’s grown on it’s own.

This blog is a place for me to organize this information, and hopefully, to have some people try it out for themselves.  Back story on the town of Crofton Forks and the local geography is forthcoming.