Crofton Forks is an adventure setting set around a particular town.  The town of Crofton Forks is a fairly small town, depending on what “generation” you choose to play it in.  Eventually there will be information on earlier and later generation info – for now Crofton Forks is in what I term generation two.

The town is established.  There is a gold rush to the north east in Brandon’s Chance – merely 5 or 6 days travel in the warm part of the year.  A bit longer by wagon, depending on conditions.  There is a timber rush in the North at Ft. Thomas – also the only place where there are soldier stationed anywhere nearby.

But where you ask is Crofton Forks?  That’s a good question.

It requires some imagination.  But I’ll do what I can to explain and help you picture it in your head.

Imagine with me for a moment the coast of British Columbia, Canada.  Imagine that the city of Vancouver is instead called Varraka.  It is the capital city of the colonial expansion of the Kingdom of Hargreave.  There is a mighty river flowing from the north, known as the Vlanoz River.  It is used for trade, but there are dangerous rapids between Varraka and the upper river.  Trade must be portaged around the rapids, which slows things down.

The army has built a wagon road north to Ft. Thomas, all in all about 20 days travel by wagon.  Originally it was built for the trade of beaver and other fur, now it is used primarily to reach Brandon’s Chance where there is a gold rush in full swing.  Everyone wants to travel to Brandon’s in order to stake a claim, or build a tavern, or build a shop or…you get the idea.

Ft. Thomas is experiencing a timber rush – rare woods have been discovered nearby and forestry is in full swing.  The wood is either shipped by river or wagon road south to Varraka, or shipped west on a wagon road to the coastal port of Boughton.  This road is more dangerous, and is used less often than the wagon road south.

The land used to belong to the native tribes, humans have only arrived recently.  Or rather, civilized humanity has only arrived recently, some tribes of barbarous humans have called the colony home for thousands of years.  They’ve traded and fought with the Orc, Goblin and Elven tribes who also inhabit the land.  Now – all the tribes are having to deal with the Kingdom of Hargreave – some to thier profit, others to their disaster.

Read on for information regarding the specific cities targeted in the first release of Crofton Forks.