The Kacheno and Vlanoz rivers join forces and travel southward.  Situated between them is the post of Ft. Thomas.  Established originally to trade for beaver and other furs with the natives, the city now primarily exports hard to find timber south along the river or west to the sea to be sold all over the world.

Ft. Thomas has a standing armed force in case of native uprisings, but the post’s turnover is quite low.  Soldiers only exchange once per year or two, and the force is small, only a company of men.  It is commanded by Captain Eric L’Arranas, and has two platoons of 150 men each.  It is the only military unit north of Varrakas.  The company is meant to be the line of defense against native uprisings or goblinoid incursions for everything between the halfway point of Varrakas and Ft. Thomas and extending to the border of the colony, 10 days hard travel northward.  Realistically, it can only protect itself and some cities in the area – normally Crofton Forks and Brandon’s Chance would be covered, but recently the platoons have been engaging orcs about 4 days north of Ft. Thomas.