Crofton forks is a small town situated on the confluence of the Crofton and Vlanoz Rivers.  It relies on trade through on the river, and more importantly, travellers heading to the bustling city of Brandon’s Chance – a city in the midst of a gold rush.

Well to the north of Crofton is the town of Ft. Thomas, a city originally established to trade beaver fur with the natives, but now primarily exporting fine rare woods west to be shipped across the ocean.

South of Crofton Forks are several towns much like it, supplying adventurers and gold diggers in their travels northward.  Eventually if you travel far enough you will find the major city of Varraka, the capital city of the newly founded colony.

Crofton Forks is situated in the wilds in a fairly temperate alpine climate.  Summers are nice and winters are often hard, with temperatures well below freezing, and prodigious amounts of snow.   Most people who choose to live here are those who were travelling to the gold or timberfields and instead fell in love with the town and the area it’s in.  They tend to be farmers and ranchers, and know the value of hard work.

There are few poor or destitute yet in Crofton – the winters are too hard for beggars.  Neighbors are neighborly and help one up should circumstance bring one down.  However, fools are not suffered easily, and many have thought to stay and make their fortune only to find they don’t have what it takes.

The law is scarce here – once a year a judge from Varraka will travel north to Ft. Thomas, stopping on his way to hear cases.  Often however, cases are decided by the Sherriff at hand, and  those who are found guilty are fined, exiled or hanged.