One idea I have to sprinkle in here are role and roll playing tips.  Roll playing tips involve ideas for making the mechanical parts of a D&D or other role-playing game easier.

Role-playing tips are ideas for making  the role-playing aspect of the game more fun and/or interesting.

Roll-Playing Tip

If your character has multiple attacks consider using multiple sets of dice of different colours.  Roll your D20 to hit and your damage dice at the same time, co-ordinating your colours.  For instance, you might roll your red dice for your primary hand and your green for your secondary.  Your damage is rolled at the same time, ready to be tallied up should your attacks hit.

The problem with this is when you have rules such as action points affecting your game, allowing you to roll extra dice to hit – you’ll find players using their action points etc. only when they know that their attack would deal good damage.  This may or may not be an issue for you.