Devlog –  Developers Log Entry 1.

I ran my first adventure in my infant setting.  It worked well, a simple adventure for 3 PC’s to go and do a little bit of NPC roleplaying and some forest/dungeon adventuring.  Simplistic yes – but enjoyable, and that’s the key.

I’m wondering now if it’s worth working on adventures side by side with the Adventure Setting.  Realistically they’ll probably draw more traffic and downloads, but I tend to DM in a very off the cuff sort of way, so I’d have to make sure the adventure as published is easily playable without a bunch of invention and improvisation.

Campaign/World Ideas.

I decided to call this an Adventure Setting instead of a Campaign Setting simply because it was originally intended to be smaller in scope, at least to start with, and expanded upon with future releases.  I’m wondering now whether to jump to a campaign setting format from the beginning.

I’ve come up with some world building ideas that I need to brainstorm about – specifically what nations have colonial interests in the new world, and how the different nations deal with distance travel.  By sea was my idea, but I’m stuck between two ideas, one being a very early oceanfaring technology, one being closer to our own historical Age of Sail which I personally find so interesting and rewarding to read and learn about.  Of course, the Age of Sail as we know it represents a place much further along the technology curve, and as such, would have to have some of it’s own history.  Tricky.

I’ve come up with more info on important NPC’s and one of my next  major updates will be to flesh out Crofton Forks’ NPC’s into stat block format with a bit of history and character background for each.


Is an alternate Earth realistic?  I mean to say, is it realistic to expect people to suspend their disbelief to engage in a fantasy setting, and yet to recognize the landmasses of their real world?

I like the idea of real world geography, especially as I am most definitely not a geographer.  However, I wonder if it will become a flaw in my overall design.  This is something I really need to decide early in.

One idea I did have, if I do use the real world geography idea, is to use a google maps interface to offer printable maps, perhaps eventually a google earth overlay – how cool would that be? (And far fetched, yes, I know.)